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Configuration for Large Data Set

Calem Enterprise is engineered for performance at its core. The AjaxWeb client uses browsers to cache certain data sets for instant user interaction. For example, assets are pre-loaded and cached in the browsers. 

This approach works well for data sets that are small to intermediate where record counts are from hundreds to thousands for assets, location, global items, etc. However, it may slow down the client performance when record counts are in the tens of thousands. 

A large data set configuration is provided to deliver performance gains from cache and reduce cache setup time by on-demand caching and column optimization. The configuration can be enabled by adding the following line to your client configuration file at Calem_Home/client/conf/CmConf.custom.js.


Here is the process to determine if this configuration is right for your services:

  • If you are using Calem Cloud Services, Calem will take care it. You are all set.
  • If you are hosting an on-site Calem Enterprise, you may add this configuration if there are tens of thousands of assets, locations, or global items in your service.

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