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Part Auto-Numbering

​Calem Enterprise provides inventory part auto-numbering. There are two types of auto-numbering:

  • ​Global auto-numbering: all parts in Calem are numbered with the same sequence number.
  • Category-based auto-numbering: parts in Calem are numbered based on their categories. 
In this blog we will focus on the global auto-numbering. If you are using Calem Cloud Service, Calem performs the configuration. Otherwise, use the following steps to set up auto-numbering:
  • The first step is to configure a number pattern based on your business requirements. For instance, you can set a prefix, the sequence number, followed by a suffix: PF-003-SF, PF-004-SF, etc. The pattern has the format of "PF-%03d-SF" - see Calem Enterprise Admin Guide for more information about auto-numbering patterns.
  • The next step is to configure source sequence number​. The sequence number can be set to start from 1 or 100 depending on your current data set. The table is "cm_in_seq" and sequence is stored in the "id" field. It is value should be set to next sequence number minus 1.

You are now ready to create a new part number. 

  • ​Menu path: Inventory module | Items

Click "+" to create a new item number. The creation screen is shown.

  • Leave the item number blank for Calem to auto-generate a part number.
  • Populate other fields as needed.
  • Click "Save" to save the record.

If you have a part number to use and do not want the system to auto-generate one, enter the number in the "Item #" field, Calem will use your part number and will not modify the part sequence number.

You may use the Training Site to learn more about Calem Enterprise Inventory Module.

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