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Custom Required Field for Calem Offline

Administrators can customize standard tables to alter table or field attributes for Calem Offline. For instance, "Comments" field in is required by default when adding comments to work orders. One can make the field not required in Calem Offline through the following steps.

  • Create a directory "custom" at Calem metadata directory "Calem_Home/server/metadata/table/"
  • Add a file with the name "tableName__c.php" such as "cm_wo_comment__c.php" to customize table "cm_wo_comment".
  • The file defines custom table or field attributes. For instance, to turn off "Required" field for "comments", add the following to the file:





The original definition is:






The customization will be applied to offline client as well as web client. See Calem Offline Admin Guide for more information.

Calem provides out of the box support for work order comments table. Other tables can be added by the same steps above.

Two screenshots are included to demonstrate the idea:

  • ‚ÄčThe first screen is the home screen of Calem Offline for Android.
  • The second screen is the comments entry. The comments field is not required by the customization above.
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