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Multi-Site Inventory in Calem

Inventory module in Calem provides enterprise-wide inventory management:

  • Master items at global level allow customers to ensure consistency of inventory naming across sites.
  • Multi-sites and multi-storerooms allow customers to manage inventory across geographical sites for asset sites and service sites.
  • Serialized inventory tracking enables customers to manage serialized items as assets in stock.

The diagram shows the hierarchy of inventory management in multi-site environment:

  • ​Item master is defined at global level
  • Item is controlled at site level based on site usage
  • Each site can have many storerooms
  • Each storeroom can have many stock locators, i.e., aisle/shelf/bin.
  • Physical inventory includes stock, non-stock and serialized items.
Barcode module is included in Calem for organizations to streamline inventory management for maintenance and repair operations.

See Iterative Implementation for implementing inventory in Calem.

Customers of Calem Enterprise and reference Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information.​

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