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What Browsers to Use (IE 11 End of Life)

IE 11 reaches its End of Life on June 15, 2022. The browsers for Calem are updated.

  • Chrome (latest from Google), MS Edge, Safari (latest from Apple) and FireFox (latest from Mozilla) are supported.
  • The Internet Explorer 11 will be end of life on June 15, 2022. 
    • It is no longer supported from Calem R21.
    • Prior to Calem R21, IE 11 is supported with limit. For instance, form customization user interface (Calem Designer) may not work without legacy settings.
    • IE9 and IE 8 are no longer supported.
  • Calem Touch works with Chrome, Edge and Safari. 

The contents below are kept for reference. They are deprecated.

A Hot Patch for IE 11 Compatibility Mode

In Calem Enterprise one can add multiple attachments to work orders via browsing or drag and drop. Here is a screenshot of adding attachments in Calem.

This feature works with the latest Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Edge and IE 11. However, this feature does not work with IE11 in compatibility mode. When adding a PDF file to work order via "Add files..." button, the IE browser tries to open the attached file. You can tell the browser is in compatibility mode by the height of the "Add files..." button below.

A hot patch is created to make it work in the compatibility mode of IE 11. One can use "Add files..." button to add one file at a time. Multi-file selection and drag-n-drop are not supported in IE 11's compatibility mode.

Customers of Calem Cloud Service can ask Calem to deploy the hot patch in their services. Customers using Calem on-premise can deploy the hot patch available in Calem Support Site. A login is required for customers to access the Calem Enterprise Support Site.
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