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Default Steps in Change Management

​Change management can include steps to complete. Organizations may follow a predefined set of steps for a change. In Calem Enterprise R10p a set of steps can be defined at site or company level so one can have a single set of steps for all the sites, or a different set of steps for each site. 

Step 1. PM Plan

PM Plans are used to define a set of steps for change management. Create PM Plans and fill out steps for change management.

  • Menu path: PM module | PM Plan list | Create PM Plan

Step 2. Set PM Plan​ at Company/Site

Go to organization module and set PM Plan at EAM company for change management. The steps in the PM Plan will be used for all changes.

Site-specific PM Plans can be defined so a site can have own set of steps. A site without own PM Plan for changes will use the one defined at company level. 

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