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Enhancements to Management of Change

The module of Management of Change (MOC) can be used to manage changes in your organization. Here is the workflow in implementing MOC:

The following configurations are necessary before a first MOC request can be created. See Admin Guide for more information.

  • Line Manager 
    • Pre-approve MOCs. If a line manager is assigned the MOC has to be pre-approved by the assigned line manager. 
  • Change Planner 
    • Assign reviewers after MOC is pre-approved. 
  • Change Reviewers 
    • Sectional reviewers who formally review their sections 
  • Change Manager 
    • Approves MOCs and has all permissions for the MOC. Change manager can overrides reviewers and approve MOCs. 
  • Change Monitor 
    • Monitoring MOC progress, get status change notifications. 
  • Change Owner 
    • Responsible for MOC execution after it's reviewed. 
  • Requester 
    • MOC originator 

Next, an MOC can be created and managed through its life-cycle: 

  • MOC Creation 
    • Line manager is notified if set. 
    • A line manager will pre-approve MOC. 
  • MOC pre-approved 
    • Change Planners are notified who will set review sections, reviewers, MOC Manager and set MOC tasks. 
    • MOC is turned into OnReview – reviewers are notified about reviews. 
  • MOC reviewed 
    • All MOC sections are reviewed. 
    • MOC manager is notified and will approve MOC 
  • MOC approved 
    • Users assigned to MOC are notified.
  • In Process 
    • MOC is executed and will be completed when done. 
  • Completed 
    • MOC is reviewed and will be accepted or rejected. 
  • Accepted MOC is ready for close 
  • Rejected MOC is rejected and will be reworked.
  • Closed MOC is done and closed. 

 Create MOC and Create Urgent MOC (enhancements)

Two menu items are provided to create non-urgent and urgent MOCs. An urgent MOC is created with high priority and placed into planning phase directly. You can customize default values for non-urgent and urgent MOCs. See Admin Guide for more information.

MOC TaskView (enhancements)

MOC stages are introduced in R10a to facilitate MOC management. TaskView displays MOC by stage indicators.

By default TaskView is displayed. You can switch between "DataView" and "TaskView".

  • In "TaskView" screen, click "DataView" tab to switch to DataView.
  • In "DataView" screen, click "TaskView" tab to switch back to TaskView.
  • You can customize the default to "DataView" – see Admin Guide for more information.

See Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information. If you need help implementing MOC in your  contact CalemEAM for technical support.

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