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How to Exclude Documents in Work Order Print

​A work order print is a PDF output of a work order. It may include document files of PDF and images:

  • A document is a file uploaded to Calem in the document module, or attached to an object in its attachment list. 
  • Work order documents of PDF and image types are displayed in the work order PDF print.

1. Exclude Docs in WO PDF Print

 It is not feasible to include large documents (such as a large PDF user guide, or a large drawing of a floor plan) in work order print. Use the "No Print" menu in the Document list to have the flag checked to exclude from WO prints.

  • Menu path: Document module | Document List
  • Multi-select documents (use the checkbox columns) and then select "No Print" menu to bulk editing the "No Print" checkbox.

Have the "No print?" checked and click "Save" to commit the changes.

2. Exclude WO Attachment in WO Print

The same "No Print" menu is also available in the WO attachment list. You may use it to exclude docs attached to WO from WO print.

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