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How to Implement Calem for Multiple Business Units?

There are two options when selecting an architecture to implement Calem for multiple business units of an organization. For instance, a manufacturing company chooses Calem as their CMMS solution for its plants. 

  • Option 1: One Calem is implemented. All plants uses the same Calem.
  • Option 2: One Calem is implemented for each plant. Each Plant uses its own Calem.

There are factors to consider when selecting an option to implement. Plants are used in the discussion below. The topics are applicable to other business units such as regional offices, restaurants, etc.

 1. Business Requirements

Business requirements are the first factor to consider. The questions below are good places to start.

  • Are there business requirements that prevent sharing Calem for the plants?
    • If sharing a Calem is not possible due to business needs, use Option 2.
  • Do the plants have different business processes?
    • If the plants have different business processes, option 1 may be too complicated to manage.
    • For instance, work order processes are different among plants; inventory processes are different; or the integration requirements are different.

 2. Efficiency and Consistency for Option 1

Option 1 may deliver efficiency and consistency for the maintenance operations. For example,

  • Custom data (fields and dropdowns) needs to be configured in one Calem, instead of in multiple Calems.
  • Screens need to be customized in one Calem, instead of in multiple Calems.
  • PM Plans may be shared so that consistent maintenance checklists are implemented in all plants.
  • Spare parts may be coded consistently across plants for better inventory sharing if needed.
  • Multi-Site KPIs may be used to visualize maintenance and inventory KPIs across plants.

 3. Flexibility for Option 2

Option 2 allows the most flexibility for each plant. For instance, one plant may integrate with a monitoring system and an enterprise resource planning solution (ERP) while another plant may integrate with a different ERP solution. 

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