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How Not to Share PM Plans

PM Plans are job description including checklist to do, material requirement, documents such as instructions, etc. A common practice is to share PM Plans across business units for consistency. However, there are cases that PM plans remain different across business units based on operational requirements. PM plans are not shared. Each business unit uses its own PM plans. 

 1. Not to Share PM Plans

Site access control for PM plans support both shared PM plans and site specific ones. "Site access" checkbox is for this purpose. It is an attribute in a PM Plan.

  • Checked: PM Plan is for site access control. If a PM Plan is created with the field checked, the user's site is added as the site allowed to access the PM Plan.
  • Unchecked: PM Plan is shared. Users with access from any site can use it.
  • Site access control can be managed at PM | Open | PM Plan Site. 
    • For instance, a PM plan can be shared by selective sites. 
    • A reference PM Plan can be made not accessible from any site. Instead, they can be cloned for use by sites.

 2. Make New PM Plans not to Share

New PM Plans can be configured as not shared. It allows one organization to ensure that PM plans are not shared when new ones are added.

  • The first step is to configure "Site access" to have a default value of 1. This can be done through client configuration file.
  • Next, ensure that "Site access" checkbox is shown in the creation screen of PM Plan.

When "Site access" checkbox is checked, Calem will auto fill the site based on login profile, or prompt an error message. See User Guide for more info.

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