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What Was Done in Last Shift from Calem Mobile

Dashboard has been added to the Calem Mobile in the coming release of Calem R2022d in August 2022. It addressed a question often asked in the field:

  • What was done in the last shift?
The dashboard includes KPIs and work order log book.

 1. Dashboard

The dashboard includes the following KPIs. The default period is last 1 day (from the start of yesterday).

1 Top labor hours grouped by asset
Bar chart and List
2 Top labor hours grouped by employees
Bar chart and List
3WO Completed by Category
Bar chart and pie chart
4WO Count by Status
Bar chart and pie chart
5Planned and Scheduled KPI

 1.1 What was done?

KPI 1 and 2 shows what was worked on based on hours reported. 

  • Use the "..." menu to switch to the list view of the chart.
  • Search the list to find an asset of interest.
  • Click a row to drill down to work orders for that KPI row.

 1.2 Change Date Range

Use "..." menu to set a new period of time. All the KPIs are recalculated by the new time period.

  • A default time period can be configured at Organization | EAM Company for the mobile dashboard.
  • A work order category set can be configured for calculating KPI 5.

2. What Was Done by Log Book

The log book shows the work orders completed or commented in the past 1 day by default. It helps with the question what was performed in the last shift, or last period of time.

  • The report period can be a dropdown value such as last 7 days, or a specific period of time.
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