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Multi-Site KPIs for Maintenance

Multi-Site KPIs are introduced in the coming release of Calem R2022. For instance, the monthly maintenance KPIs are shown for multiple sites below.

  • The site name is shown in each chart for that site.
  • Up to 6 site charts can be shown in a multi-site KPI page.
  • One can further narrow down the data by menu items based on each KPI. For instance, the monthly KPI allows one to pick a year, and a category set to slice the data to compare among sites.
  • List view might be available for drilldown to work orders involved.

1. Launch Multi-Site KPIs

A multi-site KPI can be launched from a KPI enabled for multi-site. 

  • A user logs into Calem with a profile with multi-site access.
  • Go to the Dashboard and click the Multi-Site KPI menu from a KPI enabled for multi-site.
  • A KPI enabled for multi-site has a multi-site KPI menu (1) with an org chart icon in the screenshot below. The "WO Monthly" KPI is enabled for multi-site KPI.

A multi-site KPI can have up to 6 sites. If there are more than 6 maintenance sites in your Calem, a multi-selection lookup is shown for selecting up to 6 sites.

2. Multi-Site KPIs in Calem

Multi-site KPIs are enabled in selective KPIs in the dashboard. 

  • The "Summary" Tab of the Dashboard will have KPIs enabled for multi-site.
  • The "Inventory" Tab of the Dashboard will have KPIs enabled for multi-site.
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