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How to Move Assets with Assembly

Assets with assembly refer to assets with parent/child relationship. For instance, an engine is installed in a vehicle and is a child asset of the vehicle asset. Asset move is performed with "More" menu at the Asset Form: 

​An asset can be moved when a) the asset is unlinked from its parent asset if any; and b) the child assets are moved with the asset when applicable. Calem's asset move screen shows the options:

  • ​Include children in the move
  • Unlink parent asset - when this flag is checked Calem will unlink the asset from its parent asset before the move. If the flag is not checked and the asset has a parent asset the move fails. This option is hidden if the asset does not have a parent asset.
  • Set parent - it allows one to move an asset to a location and set a new parent asset. When this flag is enabled, "Unlink parent asset" is deactivated.
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