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How to Release PM Only Once

There are needs to release a PM as a work order only once in a future time. This feature is available in Release R21e. 

1. Release PM Once by Time

A new flag "Release Once" is added to PM to release a PM only once based on "Next due".

  • The first step is to create a PM Plan with "Schedule type" setting to "By Time".
  • Next, create a PM for this PM Plan.
  • Set a "Next due" to a future datetime to release the PM as a work order.
  • Set "Release Once" Checked.
  • Calem will ensure that only one work order is generated for this PM based on "Next Due"

2. Release PM Once by Meter

This is implemented by checking the "Release Once" flag in a PM meter so the PM is released once based on that meter. See "Tiered Meter Readings" in the resource section below for more info.

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