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When to Use Asset Assemblies in Calem

Asset assemblies are the components of assets that are not made into assets. They indicate a segment of a large machinery. You may use assembly codes for the following use case:

  • Set the assembly code for a PM step so it is easier for technicians to perform work.
  • It is possible to create an asset for an assembly if needs arise (for instance, an assembly may be tracked as an asset in Calem for costing, repair, and maintenance). Otherwise, assembly codes are good fit to make PM steps more accurate and easier to follow.

1. Assembly Codes
  • Define assembly codes at Asset module | Codes | Assembly Code
  • An assembly code can be referenced in PM or work order steps.

2. Assembly Sets

  • Define assembly sets at Asset module | Codes | Assembly Set. For instance, an assembly set is defined for packaging assets, the assembly set can then be assigned to all the packaging assets.
  • Use Assembly Set form to set up assembly codes and assign to assets (in "Asset" tab below).

 Asset assemblies are also shown in Asset form for reference.

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