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How to Manage Contractors by Teams in Calem

​An organization may use contractors/vendors to perform maintenance activities. This blog discusses the use of teams in managing contractors/vendors.

1. Cross-Site Teams

Calem provides a flexible team structure:

  • In the coming release of Calem R20d in August 2020 any users of active status can be added to teams. 
  • A team may be created for a contractor who performs maintenance for your organization.
  • A team may be configured to perform maintenance for one or more site.
  • Launch team screen at Organization | ACL Profiles| Teams.
  • Add users to a team from the team form: 
  • ​A team needs to be assigned to a site for it to perform work orders for a site.
  • Go to EAM company site list, click a site to open a site screen.
  • Click "Add Team" to assign one or more teams to a site.

2. Assign Teams to Work Order and PM

You may assign a team to a work order:

  • Go to a work order's Planning tab, edit the work order and set its team field.

If a PM is performed by a contractor, you may assign the contractor team at the PM so that the PM work orders generated will be assigned to the contractor team by Calem. 

  • Go to Preventive Maintenance | PM List | Open a PM. Edit the PM and set its team field.

The teams can also be used in other areas of Calem - see the references below for more info. 

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