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Lock-out and Tag-out

There are a few ways to perform lock-out/tag-out in Calem Enterprise:

  • Option 1: use "Safety measure" or "Step" in work order or PM Plan to define the lock-out/tag-out processes.
  • Option 2: use a special permit with type being "Lock-out/Tag-out". Define processes for electrical, mechanical and fluid. Calem Enterprise also provides an online form for one to work through the lock-out/tag-out processes.
Option 2 is discussed here.

Lock-out and Tag-out is a special type permit that needs to be completed before a work order can be started or completed. You can add a lock-out/tag-out (LOTO) permit by setting its type to "Lock-out/Tag-out".

  • Create a permit template for lock-out/tag-out. Menu path: ​Work Order module | Open | Permit Templates

Enter your text here ...

The lock-out/tag-out form opens when the template is saved.

Next, add lock-out/tag-out steps for electrical, mechanical and fluid/air to the template created.

The permit created for lock-out/tag-out can be added to a work order for execution. You can also add it to a boilerplate PM Plan so the lock-out/tag-out can be added automatically for each work order created. 

New forms are created for lock-out/tag-out execution online. Go to a work order and click a permit in the "Permit List" to open a permit to its form. 

If a permit is a lock-out/tag-out one, its "TaskView" will open by default. You can switch to its "DataView". The "TaskView" is intended for staff to execute the lock-out/tag-out processes online.

Here is the "TaskView" of lock-out/tag-out form:

Click "Edit" menu (in red-box above) to work out the lock-out/tag-out process online.

The responsible parties will perform the lock-out/tag-out processes and sign the form to complete it. The "Done" flag will be set when locks/tags are removed and signed.

See Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information about boilerplate PM Plans and adding permits to them.

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