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PM Safety and Step Repositories

PM Safety and Step repositories are seeded safety measures and step instructions that you can use when creating PM Plans.

  • Menu path: PM module | Codes | Safety Repository, and Step Repository
  • Add safety measures and steps to their repositories so they can be used in PM Plan creation.
  • An item in the repository can be deleted if they are not used in PM Plans. Otherwise, you can set its "Disabled?" to checked so they will not show when creating PM Plans.

Boilerplate PM Plans are alternative ways to share safety measures and steps across the PMs. See Boilerplate Steps for Work Orders in User Guide for more information.

Use the menu items in PM module to build out the repositories with safety measures and steps that are often performed in your organization.

Create repository safety measures and steps:

You can multi-select repository items from PM Safety or Step list in PM Plans. You can also create repository items at lookup screen.

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