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Mandatory Work Order Steps for Completion

Work order steps are the instructions to complete work orders. A work order can be completed without completing all the steps. 

1. Org Configuration

Organization may choose to require all steps be completed before work orders can be completed. The following screenshot shows that both corrective and PM work orders require steps to be completed. This is done by enabling step requirement at EAM company level.

  • Menu path: Org module | EAM Company
  • Set both corrective (CM) and preventive maintenance (PM) work orders to on for step enforcement

2. Site Configuration

For multi-site implementation, Calem allows each site to configure own step requirements.

  • Menu path: Org module | EAM company | Site Tab | Select a site to configure it CM and PM work order step requirement
  • Customer site an also be configured at Org module | Open | Customers | Customer Site
  • Customers can reference Calem Enterprise User Guide to see more information about work step configuration.

3. Step Requirement by Status

This option allows one to configure step requirements for each work order status. For instance, for work orders to enter "InProcess" status, step 10 and 20 must be completed. See this blog for more information.

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