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Asset and Location Lookup Tree

In the coming release of Calem Enterprise R10q the asset and location lookups can be done via asset tree. The lookup tree makes it much easier to find an asset through its site/location hierarchy.

When creating a work order, service request, or a PM, you may type in the asset number if you have it. Calem brings up a candidate list (called lookup auto-completion) so you can pick an asset through partial numbers you have.

Asset Lookup Tree

If you do not know the asset number, you may click the lookup button (to the right of the asset field) to browse assets.

You may search the list view to find your asset. To launch asset lookup tree, click the "Tree" menu in the list menu bar.  In the asset tree you may browse or search for an asset. Once the desired asset is located double-click the asset to select it. 

Location Lookup Tree

Location lookup tree can be launched from location lookup list view just like the asset lookup tree. Similarly, you may search or browse the asset tree to find the desired location. Double-click a location to select it.

Customers of CalemEAM may find more information from Calem Enterprise User Guide available at out Support Site.

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