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Access Control for Part Creation

​Role based access control is available in Calem Enterprise. See this blog for the complete list of customization you can do with Calem. We will cover user access control here. The use case is to limit parts creation: 

  • Only authorized users can create parts in Calem.

The steps to achieve this goal include:

  • Create a user group for users who cannot create parts
  • Configure the user group to take away parts creation
  • Create an ACL profile in Calem for this user group
  • Assign users to the ACL profile so these users cannot create parts

Step 1. User Group

If there is an existing group you like to take away parts creation, skip the group creation step. Here are the steps for user group creation.

  • Menu path: Admin module | Group list | Create
  • A parent group must be selected to derive this group from. A child group inherits customization made at its parent group. So, you just need to add specific needs for the new group while inheriting all the customization made in its parent group.
  • We will create a desktop user group "MaintUsers" with "Users" as its parent group. Groups for phone, tablet and touch can be created and configured similarly.

Step 2. Group Configuration

There are two ways to configure the "MaintUsers" group. Option 1 is more restrictive than Option 2. Option 2 is more flexible and make take more effort to set up.

  • Option 1: ​Make Inventory module read-only for this group.
  • Option 2: Form Menu Configuration.

Option 1. Inventory Module Read-Only
Users will not be able to create or edit data in inventory module. This option is more restrictive, but easy to configure.
The first step is to check the "MaintUsers" group and click "Group design" menu to launch the group for design.

​In the group design screen, click "Module accessible" to define modules available for the group.

​Drag and drop modules from the right panel to the left panel's "Module design" node to hide the modules. Save the customization which goes back to the "Group modules" screen above. Close the "Group modules" screen so the group list screen shows. 

Next, log out of Calem and log back in. This step will reload the client with the new group information so the steps below will show properly. 

After you log out and back in. Go to Admin module | Group list. Click the "MaintUsers" row in the group list to open the group screen. 

Go to "Module" Tab, click the "Inventory module" to open the row, edit it, have "Read-Only" checked, and save the edit. This will set inventory module to read-only for the "MaintUsers" group. Users of this group cannot create or edit data in the inventory module.

Step 3. ACL Profile

Create an ACL profile to use the "MaintGroup". Menu path is: Organization module |  ACL Profiles | ACL profile list | Create a profile.

Set the group to "MaintUsers" in the ACL profile.

Step 4. Assign Users to ACL Profile 

The last step is to assign users to the newly created ACL profile. Click "+" to add users to use this ACL profile.

When a user of this profile logs into Calem, the user has not create/edit/delete menu for all forms of inventory module.

Step 2 - Option 2. Form Menu Configuration
Finally, let's take a look at the steps for Option 2 in Step 2. This option is through form customization. It takes a little more effort than Option 1 above, but allows more flexible access control. For instance, user can create site inventory, stores, locators, and perform transactions from inventory module.

Select "MaintUsers" group for "Group design" as in option 1 above - this tells Calem that all customization will be done for "MaintUsers" group. Go to Inventory module and click "Items" menu to open Items screen. Click "Customize" menu to customize the screen.

Drag and drop "+" (Create) and "-" (Delete) menu and drop to "Form design" node respectively to remove these two menu items from the Items form. Save the customization.

​The "Create" and "Delete" menu will not show for users with "MaintUsers" group for their ACL profiles.

Calem customers can get more information for group customization in Calem Enterprise Admin Guide available at Calem Support Site

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