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Multi-Currency in Calem Enterprise

Multi-Currency in Calem Enterprise allow organizations to operate sites across currency boundaries. The following use cases are supported:

  • Single-Currency. A single currency is used in an organization.
  • Multi-Currency. Multi-currency is used in an organization. There is only one site in the organization. 
  • Multi-Currency for Multiple Sites. Multi-currencies are used in multiple sites. Each site may have own default currency.

Single Currency

The system default currency is USD. For organizations operating outside of US, the system currency needs to be configured to be the local currency. 

Contact Calem Suppor to set system currencies for your cloud services. For customers hosting own Calem Enterprise, see Calem Enterprise Admin Guide to configure system currency.


The first step is to configure the system currency as above.  The next step is to enable site-based currency. This configuration turns on the multi-currency. Contact Calem Suppor to turn on site-based currency, or see Calem Enterprise Admin Guide to configure it.

Next, review the currencies defined in Calem. You may add your own currencies if needed. 

  • The menu path is: Organization module | Codes | Currency
  • Set currencies you use as "Active"

Finally, define currency exchange rates. The rates will be used by Calem to convert from a local currency to system currency for reporting.

Multi-Currency for Multiple Sites

In this use case, multiple sites in an organization operate in different currencies. For example, a customer has sites in the US, Europe, Africa and China. Each site uses the currency of the country where they operate. 

The first step is to set up multi-currency as stated above. Next, set the default currency for each service site if applicable. System currency will be used for service sites without own currency configured. 

  • The menu path is: Organization | EAM company | Site tab | Edit a site to set its currency
  • The site's currency will be used by default in site-related objects such as work orders, requisitions and purchase orders.

Multi-Currency Configuration

  • Cloud Service clients should contact Calem Support to enable site currency.
  • On-premise clients may reference Calem Admin Guide for multi-currency management to enable site currency.
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