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Asset and Location Custom Fields in Work Orders

This feature has been enhanced for the following use cases:

  • When creating a work order for an asset the matching custom fields will be copied to the work order created.
  • When generating a PM work order for an asset the matching custom fields will be copied to the PM work order.
    • A preventive maintenance (PM) object is a preventive job to be performed regularly by schedules. A feature has been added in Calem since Release R9.0h to copy custom fields of PMs to work orders when the PMs are generated into work orders. This feature is extended to copy custom fields from the asset of the a PM to the work order generated.
  • The same is true for location's custom fields.

Here's the sample use case for this feature:

  • A monthly PM for an asset needs to show some asset attributes such as grease type and grease quantity at work orders when the PM is generated into work orders. Custom fields have been added in assets and these custom fields are copied into work orders when PMs are turned into work orders.

1. Custom Fields Setup

An administrator can perform the following steps to add custom fields for this feature. The same process applies to the location (cm_location table).

  1. Identify custom fields required.
  2. Use Calem Data Designer (at Admin module) to add custom fields to asset (cm_asset table).
  3. Use Calem Form Designer (at Admin module) to customize asset forms and place the custom fields on the asset forms for management.
  4. Use Calem Data Designer to add the same asset custom fields (use the same names and labels) to work orders (cm_wo table).
  5. Use Calem Form Designer to customize WO forms and place the custom fields on the WO forms for management.
  6. Edit assets to set the custom field values based on business requirements.
  7. Calem will copy the custom field values of the same names from assets to work orders when PMs are turned into work orders.
  8. If there are same custom fields in a PM, the custom fields of PMs will overwrite those of assets if defined.

2. MOC Custom Fields

The feature is available for MOC (cm_moc) and location (cm_location).

  • The matching custom fields of location will be copied to MOC when a MOC is created.
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