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Approval Routing for Auto-Generated REQs

See this blog for mandating pre-approval for REQs.

Requisition approval routing has been defined based on requesters (see this blog). This method works well for user initiated requisitions. For requisitions generated by Calem based on min/max stock level configurations the requesters are not end users. There are ways in Calem to configure requesters based on inventory items. This is the focus of this blog.

1. Requester Assignment by Calem

Calem performs the following steps to assign a requester when a requisition is generated from min/max stock level configuration:

  • If the site inventory requested has an owner user, the owner user is used as the requester.
  • Otherwise, Calem will search the monitor user table based on the item's categorization and site. If a user is found, it is used as the requester. 
  • Finally, the admin user will be used as the requester if the above steps failed to find a requester.

2. Owner User

An owner user can be defined at site inventory form as being responsible for the replenishment of the site inventory. 

  • Menu path: Inventory module | Site Items

3. Requester by Categorization and Site

One can configure a requester by an item's categorization and site. This method allows one to configure site inventory requester based on item's categorization.

  • Menu path: Organization module | Codes | Categorization List | Create categorizations for inventory items (Check "Item?" for a categorization) 
  • Menu path: Inventory module | Items | set categorization for an item
  • Menu path: Organization module | ACL Profiles | Monitor User
  • Set "Site" to empty for a user to be requester for all sites based on the item classification

4. Admin User

Calem runs in the background in "admin" user context.  When no requesters are found in the steps above the admin user will be set as the requester for a generated requisition.

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