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Scheduled Reports (Deprecated)

This blog is superseded by a new blog: How to Set up Scheduled Reports in Calem

Scheduled reports allow one to set up reports to be generated on a future date and emailed to users.

  • It is a new feature added in R10.
  • A few reports are available as scheduled reports.
  • More scheduled reports will be added based on customer feedback.
Here is a use case:
  • Generate open work order list on the first of each month and notify maintenance planners and supervisors.‚Äč

Here are the steps to set up a report for auto-generation and notification:

  • Use menu "Integration module | Sched Reports" to create a new report.
  • Set an ACL profile ("Profile") which is used to determine report data and customized format
  • Set an owner site for access control so that only users having access to a site can view scheduled reports for that site.
  • Pick "Next due" as the first date to generate the report.
  • Set a report schedule (such as once a month on the 1st of the month)
  • Add users in the report "Recipient" tab to receive the report when it's generated.
  • Set up a scheduled task to generate scheduled reports for on-site deployment. If you are using Calem Cloud Service just skip this step.

See Admin Guide for details to set up scheduled reports.

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