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Meter Triggered Work Orders

Meter triggers define the ranges of readings that meter events should be fired. For instance, one can define meter triggers for engine temperature readings. If an engine's temperature is too high, a trigger is fired. 

You can define meter triggers to kick off work orders in Calem. Here are the steps:

  • Define meter triggers for meter groups. 
    • Menu path: Asset | Codes | Meter Triggers
  • A meter group consists of identical meters such as Ford F150 truck engine meters.
  • Associate meter triggers to PMs in Calem to create conditional PMs. 
    • Menu path: PM | PM list | Open a PM | "Meter" Tab, add a trigger to the trigger list.
    • When a meter trigger is fired a work order might be generated based on a PM and its PM Plan.
    • This feature allows you to configure pre-defined steps in response to the trigger.
  • If a trigger is not associated with a PM, a corrective work order may be generated.
  • Meter trigger is executed in real time when a reading is added
See "Meter Triggers and Events" in Calem Enterprise User Guide for details.

Scheduled Reports (Deprecated)
Scheduled Upload of Meter Readings

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