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Scheduled Upload of Meter Readings

Scheduled upload is a process that is launched every day by Calem. It is an ideal process for uploading daily machine readings. Here are the workflow processes:

  • ​Use a file transfer tool to automate the transportation of meter reading excel files to Calem services. For instance, you may use Capistrano ( to automate the file transfer and use a script to kick off transporting meter reading files to your Calem services.
  • Use the meter reading excel template in Calem Enterprise to populate meter readings.
  • Review the upload status of meter readings from Integration module's "Upload List" menu.

Here are the next steps to automate meter readings upload to Calem:

  • Review Calem Data Upload Guide for details.
  • Prepare scripts to generate meter reading excel files.
  • Prepare scripts to transport reading files to your Calem services.
  • Contact Calem Support (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for help if needed.
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