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The "Upload" Menu in Calem Mobile

A new "Upload" menu is available in Calem Mobile in the coming release of Calem R2023c. It allows a user to upload to Calem existing photo/videos, or take new photo and videos, as well as existing files in a device.

  • The following screenshot shows when "Upload" menu is tapped in an iPhone.
  • The "Upload" menu will replace "Take Photo", "Add Photo", "Add Video" in work orders of Calem Mobile.
  • The "Attach Photo" menu in work orders is not affected in Calem Web.

 There are two places "Upload" menu is accessible in a Work Order in Calem Mobile out of the box.

  • In "Attachment" list view
  • Click "..." (More menu) to show the menu
  • If the mobile form of your work order form is customized, you will need to customize the form again from Calem Web to make "Upload" menu available.
    • Select "Phone" group for "Group Design" for all the mobile clients
    • If you have customized child groups of "Phone" review the customization and modify the customization if needed to show "Upload" menu.
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