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Work Orders to Print

There are use cases where work orders are printed out and handed over to teams. The "WO to Print" list can simplify the print process. The new list form is in menu path: "WO module | Open | WO to Print".

  • Planners and supervisors can open the list form and print work orders as they are ready to be worked on.
    • Work orders go through a life-cycle of approval and planning before being released.
    • Released work orders that have not been printed will show in this list.
  • If a WO is printed, it's removed from the list.
    • Once work orders are rendered in the print screen (HTML or PDF print) it is tagged as printed and will be removed from the list.
    • This form auto-refreshes every 60 seconds when it is visible. The refresh frequency can be adjusted (see Calem Enterprise Admin Guide for details).
In the "WO to Print" list, one can type in a query string to narrow down the list, multi-select to print, or simply to print all in HTML or PDF.
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