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Work Order Cost Centers

Work orders can be created for assets or locations. Calem uses the following logic to find the cost center when a work order is created:

  • If cost center is set by users in the work order the steps below are skipped. It is done.
  • If a work order is created for an asset, the asset's cost center is used if available. Otherwise, the cost center of the asset's location is used. 
  • If a work order is created for a location, the cost center of the location is used. 

Department by Cost Centers

A department can be configured for each cost center. It overwrites the dept code set at the asset level when a cost center is defined in a work order. 

You can configure department code at cost center screens: Org module | Codes | Cost Centers. When a cost center is populated at a work order, the department code is filled based on the cost center by Calem.

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