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Asset Relation (Deprecated)

This blog is deprecated and superseded by a new blog.​

Asset is a general term used in asset module. It includes both EAM assets for maintenance and configuration items that might not be related to maintenance.

Asset relation represents the dependencies between assets. It can be used for impact analysis when changes and maintenance are performed. Here are the steps to manage asset relation in Calem:

  • Define relation types. For instance: "Technicians use EAM servers" where "use" is the relation between "Technicians" and "EAM servers".
    • Menu path: Asset module | Codes | Relation Type
  • Define relation between asset categories and sub-categories.
    • Menu path: Asset module | Codes | Categories | Category Form (to define relation at categories)
    • Menu path: Asset module | Codes | Sub-Categories | Sub-Category Form (to define relation at sub-categories)
  • Define relation between assets.
    • Menu path: Asset module | Asset list | Asset Form | Relation tab

Relation Type

Some relation types are seeded in Calem. You may add new relation types as needed. 

Relation at Category and Sub-Category

.Once relation types are defined you may define the relation at category and sub-category levels.

  • Relation lists are available at Asset category and sub-category forms.
  • Use the relation lists to add/remove relations
Category form and its relation list:

Sub-category and its relation list:

Asset Relation

Relations defined at category and sub-category are used to define asset relations. At the relation tab of Asset form, one may add/remove asset relations.

Relation Graph

Relation graph visualizes an asset and its relation to other assets. It is not available in Calem at this time and will be provided in a coming release of R10 - stay tuned.

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