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How to Manage Asset Relationship in Calem

Asset relation represents the dependencies between assets. It can be used for impact analysis when changes and maintenance are performed. The following is a sample asset relationship diagram.

  • The asset diagram starts at the asset of interest
  • The related assets are shown to the right in a tree-like view.
  • Click ">>" to drill down to an asset.

Here are the steps to manage asset relation in Calem:

  • Define relation types. For instance: "Technicians use EAM servers" where "use" is the relation between "Technicians" and "EAM servers".
    • Menu path: Asset module | Codes | Relation Type
  • Manage asset relation from forms below:
    • Menu path: Asset module | Open | Asset Relation
    • Menu path: Asset module | Asset list | Asset Form | Assembly tab
    • Click "+" to add relation. Follow the process flow to select relation type and assets to create relation.
    • Click "Diagram" menu to view relation diagram.
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