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How to Delete Meters

An asset or location can have meters in Calem. Meter readings may be used to drive preventive maintenance, or for condition monitoring. Deleting meters may be accomplished by removing its references including: 

  • Meter readings
  • PM scheduling and Work Orders
  • Meter Sets
1. Meter Readings

The first step is to remove all the meter readings.

  • Menu path: Asset | Open | Meter List
  • Check a meter in the list, click "Readings"
  • Check readings to delete and click "-" button to remove them. If there are multiple pages of readings, you may repeat the process to remove all of them.

2. PM and Work Order

Go to PM Meter list which shows all the PMs with meters. 

  • Menu path: PM | Open | PM Meter
  • Click a PM Meter row to open its PM record.

‚ÄčIn the PM form, go to "Meter" tab and remove meters and triggers used in a PM. It is possible to use a meter or trigger in PMs of other assets/locations. The deletion process could be time consuming.

Meter triggers can be used to monitor meter readings and generate inspection work orders when readings go out of bounds.

While in the PM form, go to "Work Order" tab to view all work orders for this PM. Click a row in the work order list to go to a work order and remove meters if any.

3. Meter Set

Meter sets are used to group meters together for reading collection with Calem Mobile. See Meter Rounds for more info.

  • Menu path: Organization | Open | Meter Set
  • Click a meter set row to view meters in the set.
  • Remove meters from the "Meters" list.

4. Delete Meters 

Once all meter references are removed, you may check meters to be deleted from the Meter list (Asset | Open | Meter List) and remove them. You can check more than one meter to delete at once.

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