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Work Premature Ending

​There are cases a worker has to stop on a work order prematurely and hand the work over to someone else. Calem supports the use case through the use of "On Hold" status. Here're the steps:

  • Identify the work order that one needs to stop prematurely.
  • Edit the work order and change its status to "On hold". Save the status change.
  • Calem displays the status change screen. Fill out the information in the "Premature End" section.
    • Real start time and premature ending time
    • If the machine is ready for operation, is made safe, and all flows are stopped.
    • The next worker who is taking back the work order.
    • If the machine is ready for maintenance, and if the foreman is aware of the situation.
    • When the maintenance can restart.

Premature Ending in Work Order Print

By default premature ending is not printed in work order prints. You can add  entries of premature ending in work order prints. 

Customizing Premature Ending Print

You can customize the print format of premature endings through Calem Designers with drag-and-drop.

See Calem Enterprise User Guide for detailed steps.

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