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Work Permit

Work permits are special procedures to be taken and approved before work orders can be started. For instance, hot area work orders must complete a "Hot Work Permit" before work orders in hot areas can be started. Calem provides the following facilities to manage work permits.

  • Permit templates define the special permit measures or procedures to be completed for a permit. For instance, you may define a template for Hot Work Permit and add procedures to be completed.
    • Menu: Work Order module | Open | Permit templates
  • Permits are instances of permit templates issued to work orders. For instance, a Hot Work Permit for a work order copies the procedures from Hot Work Permit template and assign a permit number to it.
    • Menu: Work Order module | Open | Permits
    • One can add permits to work orders from work order screen's "Permit" tab.
  • PM Plan and permits – a permit template can be added to PM Plans so when PMs are generated into work orders, their PM Plans permits will be generated and issued to work order as work order permits.
  • Work orders cannot be completed if there are permits assigned to them and the permits are not completed.
Here is a sample template of hot work permit:

The template can be issued to a work order:

Work Permit Printing

There are a few ways to print work permits:

  • They can be printed individually from work permit list (Work Order | Open | Permits).
  • They can be printed from permit list in work order forms. 
  • When a work order with permits is printed, all permits are printed.
  • The print layout can be customized like other reports from work permit list (Work Order | Open | Permits | Check a permit and click "Print Customize").
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