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Part I - Work Order Status Control

Work order life-cycles are managed through their statuses. Calem Enterprise provides role-based work order status control which allows organizations to achieve advanced processes in managing work orders:

  • Team leaders can complete work orders
  • Supervisors can accept or reject work orders
  • Planners can close work orders
  • Technicians are not allowed to edit work orders that have been accepted for billing.
The role-based work order status control can be achieved from group status screen:
  • Menu path: Admin | Group | Group screen | Work Order Status
  • Add excluded statuses to the work order status list
  • You could choose to use the included statuses to define access control. The excluded list takes precedence. 
  • The included status list is ignored if the excluded list is defined.
The screenshot below shows that "Meter-Rod" group has restricted work order access:
  • Not allowed to transition work orders to "Accepted", "Approved", "Canceled", "Closed", etc.
  • Not allowed to transition work orders out of "Accepted", "Approved", "Canceled", "Closed", etc.
  • Not allowed to edit work orders in "Approved" status.

Customers can find more information about similar access control for Service Requests in the Admin Guide and User Guide of Calem Enterprise.

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