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Inventory KPIs for Consumables and Parts

A new inventory category, Consumable, is added in the coming release of R2024. It allows one to view inventory KPIs for consumables and parts.

  • Consumables are items that are used up. For instance, lubrication oil is consumable.
  • Parts are components for assets. Some of the spare parts may be repaired and reused.
  • Both consumable and parts are transacted mostly the same such as receiving to stores and issuing out.

 1. Inventory KPIs by Item Categories

One use case is to viewing inventory KPIs by item categories. Click the "Options" menu in inventory dashboards to select item categories to include. Item category sets are discussed below.

2. Item Category Sets

Item category sets can be configured in Admin module for KPI filtering. For instance, a set "Part" is defined to include parts only.

 3. Default Item Category Set

A default category set may be configured in EAM Company (Organization | EAM Company). The default set will be applied to inventory dashboards to show KPIs of certain categories without using "Options" menu above.

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