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Work Orders Notes by Speech Recognition

Accurate and detailed notes are important in work orders. They provide a truthful document trail of maintenance and repair of assets critical to businesses. Speech recognition in mobile devices can make the job easier for technicians to enter notes by speaking. The following is a sample case of adding a note to a work order by voice in an iPhone, and an Android tablet. The sample is applicable to other cases of entering notes in Calem.

1. Calem Mobile

Calem Mobile, also called Calem Touch, is a full-featured mobile application for iOS and Android. It can be installed from App Store or Google Play. See this link for more info.

2. Complete a Work Order in iPhone

A note is required when completing a work order in Calem. Here're the steps to add a note by voice in an iPhone.

  • Go to Work Order tab in Calem Mobile.
  • Tap "My Assignment" to view work orders assigned to me.
  • Tap a work order to work on it.
  • Tap "Start Clock" to start the labor time clock. 
  • You may be asked to scan the asset barcode to confirm the work order. 
  • Tap "Stop Clock" when you are done.
  • Reporting labor hours may be required in your service configuration to complete a work order.
  • Tap "Complete" to complete a work order
  • A screen is shown for one to enter a note.
  • Tap the note field to enter the note
  • The keyboard pops up with a microphone icon
    • You may tap the globe icon to the left of the microphone icon to change the language of speech recognition.
  • Tap the microphone icon to speak
  • The speech is turned into text and entered into the note field
  •  The note added is shown in the work order.

 3. Android Tablet

The speech recognition is also available in Android devices. The screenshots below shows the completion screen in an Android tablet.

  • Tap the microphone to launch voice recognition
  • A new screen pops up. 
  • Tap the microphone to speak
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