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Charting Meter Readings from Quick Entry

Meter reading charts can be launched from dashboard or asset module. A reading chart can include up to 8 meters.

  • Menu path: Dashboard module | Meter Chart by Meter Set
  • Menu path: Asset module | Quick Reading Entry
  • The first step is to pick a meter set.
  • Click a meter set row to select it. Quick reading entry screen is shown. 
    • Meter set and assignment is discussed in this blog
  • Click a link or an existing reading to enter a meter reading.
    • Meter readings out of bounds will be flagged red, and work orders might be created for them.
  • Check up to 8 meters to visualize in a chart. Click "Chart" to continue.
    • Click a legend (1) to show or hide a meter reading line.
    • Click "Set Dates" (2) to set a new date range.
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