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How to Add a Waiting Status in Work Orders

​The life-cycle of work orders is captured in its status graph - see this blog. A waiting status may be introduced for work orders waiting for parts.

  • An approved work order is placed in Waiting status to wait for parts.
  • When parts are received the status is changed to ready for releasing to the field for execution.
  • The following is the partial work order status graph including the waiting status.

1. Status Dropdown

The first step is to add the new statuses to the status dropdown list.

  • Menu path: Admin | Data Design |  Dropdowns, find the work order status "cm_wo_status"
  • Add "Waiting" and "Ready" status

2. Status Graph

Next, modify the status graph in client/conf/CmConf.custom.js to link the new statuses to the existing statuses (Approved and Released).  

//1) Link in waiting & ready
{next: {wos_released: true, wo_waiting: true, wos_new: true, 
wos_disapproved: true, wos_canceled: true, wos_incomplete: true}};

{next: {wo_ready: true, wos_approved: true}};

{next: {wo_released: true, wos_approved: true, wo_waiting: true}};

//2) Link in next action
{next: {wos_released: true, wo_waiting: true}};

{next: {wo_ready: true, wos_released: true}};

{next: {wos_released: true, wo_waiting: true}}; 
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