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How to Enable "Review Required" for Work Orders

The checkbox "Review Required" in work orders may require a user to "Accept" or "Reject" a work order after completion before it can be closed. It is a good practice to review a completed work order. A work order of "Accepted" status will be closed by Calem automatically after 48 hours, saving time in closing work orders.

  • For instance, in the screenshot below, a work order is completed.
  • If "Review Required" is not checked, one can directly bypass review and close the completed work order.
  • If "Review Required" is checked, the "Close WO" menu is hidden till it is "Accepted".

1. "Review Required" for PM Work Orders

For work orders generated from PMs, the checkbox can be configured at PM Plans. The checkbox value will be carried over to work orders generated from the PMs.

 2. Non-PM Work Orders

For corrective maintenance (CM) work orders, set up a boiler plate PM Plan with the "Review Required" checkbox checked. The boiler plate can be configured at EAM Company form (Organization | EAM Company). It will be used for non-PM work orders to set "Review Required" checkbox when a CM work order is created. 

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