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How to Manage Lookups for Multi-Tenants

Calem provides options of implementation when it comes to multi-tenants.

  • Multi-Site is an option for a client to implement asset maintenance services of multiple plants, or departments in a Calem service. For instance, an organization has manufacturing operations across the globe. A Calem service is used to manage the asset maintenance globally. Each business unit is managed as a site in Calem.
  • Multi-Customer is an option for a client to manage asset maintenance services for their customers. For instance, an organization provides asset monitoring services for their customers. Each customer is managed as a company object in Calem.
This blog discusses the enablement of lookups for multi-customer tenants.

1. Address Objects

Address objects can be optionally configured with a company field. For instance, a billing address field has a company field. If the company field of the address is populated with a customer company, the address will only be accessible to users with access to the customer. If the company field of the address is left empty, the address can be accessed globally. 

The address objects include:

  1. Route (Asset | Codes | Route)
  2. Location Group (Asset | Codes | Location Group)
  3. Address (Organization | Codes | Address)
    • City
    • County

2. Custom Lookups

Custom lookups are equipped with the company field for multi-tenant use in the same way. The custom lookups are used through custom fields (Admin | Data Design | Custom Fields). There are five custom lookups out of the box.

 3. Screen Customization for Multi-Tenant

The company field for the objects above is not displayed excepting in "Route" object. This is done to reduce clutter in the user interface for clients without the need for multi-tenants. Admin users may customize the forms of the objects above to display company fields for multi-tenant implementation.

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