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How to Group Document by Class (Categorization)

​Documents are files or hyperlinks uploaded to Calem Enterprise. They are managed from Doc module | Document List. 

 1. Doc Class Tree

Document class can be defined with "Doc?" flag checked. Assign document class to docs to group docs and view them from the doc class tree.

  • Menu path: Doc module | Doc Class Tree
  • The tree view allows one to view the document class tree and the docs at each tree node.
  • You may export document list and set class and have them uploaded for bulk changes.
    • Menu path: Doc module | Report | Document List Report

 2. Document vs. Attachment

Documents uploaded from document module are shared among modules. Attachments are files relevant to a record and uploaded directly to an object. We can see their differences in how they are used:

  • A process diagram may be referenced by many assets and PM plans. The diagram may be uploaded from document module and referenced from various records. 
  • A photo of a broken pipe may be uploaded to a work order. The photo may be uploaded as ab attachment. This attachment is only visible from the work order record.
  • Most records in Calem supports both document and attachment.

2.1 Use Documents for Annual Audit

This is an example demonstrating the use of documents. An annual audit uses many documents. We will use the categorization and documents to set up the docs and create an annual PM work order with the docs included in the work order.

  • Step 1. Create a class for the annual audit.​
  • Step 1. Upload the audit docs from the document module and set the class code.
    • If docs exists, you may use data export and import to bulk update the class code.
  • Step 2. Create a PM Plan. Add the docs to the PM Plan from the "Doc" tab of the PM Plan. See the screenshot below.
  • Step 3. Create a PM for the PM Plan and a location of your site. Set a "Next due" of the PM to the next audit time. Set "Days ahead" in PM to 30 so that the PM work order is generated 30 days before audit is due so you can prepare for the audit. See the screenshot below.
  • Step 4. Calem will generate a work order for the annual audit.
How to Manage Documents for an Audit
Smart Lookup in Calem Enterprise R2019a

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