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Smart Lookup in Calem Enterprise R2019a

Smart lookup is introduced in Calem Enterprise R2019a. It reduces one mouse click when looking up certain values. It is activated when using lookup button or menu to pick a lookup value. Let's walk through an example to see it in action.

  • A work order can have planned parts
  • When checking out parts from a work order the lookup screen of the inventory stock of planned parts will be shown. An "Other" menu is shown in the lookup form to show all inventory stock (not limited to planned parts).
  • Smart lookup is triggered when there are no planned parts, or there are no stock for the planned parts, the lookup form for inventory stock of planned parts will be empty, Calem will skip the empty lookup screen and show the lookup of all inventory stock directly. So users do not see the empty lookup screen and there is no need to click "Other" menu to see all inventory stock for checkout.

​Smart lookup has been added for the following lookup fields:

  • Unit lookup from inventory forms. An item could have own units defined. When lookup a unit from an inventory form and the item does not have own units defined, Calem will skip the item specific unit lookup form and show the lookup form of all units.
  • Work order meter lookup. When adding a meter to a work order, if the asset or location of the work order has meters the lookup form will show these meters. Otherwise, Calem will skip the asset or location meter lookup form and show all meter lookup form directly.

Smart lookup is developed based on customer feedback. Calem is always on the lookout for ways in making it easier to operate Calem Enterprise.

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