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How to Implement Geolocation in Calem

A geolocation includes latitude and longitude for identifying an exact position in a map. It can be used to answer questions about assets and work orders in Calem including: 

  • ​Where are work orders created by technicians in the field?
  • Where are the comments added to work orders?
  • Where are assets located? 

1. Calem Mobile Apps vs Ajax Web

Geolocation can be collected from Calem Mobile Apps (for iOS and Android), or Calem Ajax Web client. The geolocation collection is turned off by default in the Ajax Web Client. Contact Calem support if your organization decides to enable the function. Here are the factors to consider for geolocation collection:

2. Work Order Geolocation at Data Creation

A geolocation is collected if available in the following work order events:

  • ​When a work order is created
  • When a comment is added to a work order

A map menu is provided to view a work order in map.
  • ​If a work order's geolocation is not set at work order creation Calem will use the geolocation of the asset or location of the work order if available.

A map menu is provided at work order comment screen so one can view where the comment is added if available. 

3. Set Geolocation from Work Order

Technicians can set the geolocation of an asset or location from a work order.

  • ​Menu path: "More" dropdown menu at Execution Tab of Work Order TaskView, or DataView.
  • Choose "Edit Location" to set the geolocation for the work order location
  • Choose "Edit Asset" to set the geolocation of the work order asset, or another asset.
  • ​If "Edit Asset" is selected, Calem shows the work order asset in the asset select form. 
  • Use "Pick other" to select another asset to proceed.
  • Next, select "Set Geolocation" to complete

 4. Set Geolocation from Asset | Location

The geolocation of an asset or location can be set directly from the asset or location form.

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