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How to Manage Equivalent Spare Parts

A spare part may have equivalent ones that can be used in place of the spare part in case of shortage. Enhancements have been made to the management of equivalent parts in the coming R2019c release schedule for July 2019.

1. Define Equivalent Parts

Equivalent parts can be defined in bulk from either site inventory or items forms.

  • Menu path: Inventory | Site Inventories List | Site Inventory form | Equivalent Tab
  • Menu path: Inventory | Items - Part/Tool List | Item form | Equivalent Tab
  • "Equivalent Item" list shows the equivalent parts of the item in Site Inventory or Item form.
  • "As Equiv. Item" list shows the item being the equivalent items of other items.
  • Click "+" in "Equivalent Item" or "As Equiv. Item" list to launch multi-selection lookup form to add multiple items. The bulk operation makes it easier to manage equivalent items.

​Multi-selection lookup to add equivalent items or "as equivalent items".

2. The Flag of "Has Equiv."

A flag is added to the items list and can be viewed from Items or site inventory. The flag is managed by Calem and will be shown as a checkbox in the item or inventory list view. An item has equivalent parts if the flag is checked.

3. Equivalent Item Checkout

When checking out parts to work orders one can search equivalent part list by "Equiv. Items" menu to view stock for equivalent items.

  • Menu path: Inventory | Transactions | Checkout
  • Select a work order and click "Save" to launch stock lookup
  • Click "Equiv. Items" in the stock lookup screen to view the equivalent item stock. One may search and select an equivalent item to check out.

Stock lookup form - click "Equiv. Items" to view equivalent item stock. 

Equivalent item stock lookup form - launched from "Equiv. Item" of stock lookup form. 

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