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How to Set up Daily KPIs of Work Orders

Daily and monthly key performance indicators (KPIs) of work orders are created in real time in Calem. They are available from dashboard or analysis module:

  • Menu path: Dashboard | WO SLA (created and completed); WO PM/EMS (preventive vs emergency); WO Misc (created by sources).
  • Menu path: Analysis module | WO Analysis

Analysis module | WO Analysis: 

​Daily or monthly KPIs are calculated based on work orders sites. The following is the daily created/completed report.

The Time Zone of Daily and Monthly KPIs

Dates of daily and monthly KPIs are calculated based on time zones configured in Calem. The default time zone is US Central time. Add the following line to your Calem_Home/server/conf/calem.custom.php to set the default time zone for your service:


If your service is for multiple time zones, set the time zones at EAM sites. For instance, your service is used by people from the US and Europe, you may set the US sites to US time zone and EU sites to EU time zone.

​Open a site record from the list above and edit the time zone field to set a time zone.

If time zone configuration is changed you may run the batch command to recalculate KPIs: Calem_Home/bin/dashboard/; or dashWoCountResetTask.bat for Windows.

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