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How to Magnify List Views in Work Order Form

A user friendly feature will be available in a future release (R20c about May 2020). It allows one to magnify a detailed list view in work orders to its own list view with full screen size. It is much easier to view and operate a magnified list view in work orders. Administrators can customize other detail lists to add full-screen menu button.

  • This feature has been available in the dashboard and favorite modules.
  • Its availability in work orders makes it much easier to handle PM work orders with many steps to complete.

The full screen button has been added to the Execution tab of work order screen. The safety measure and step lists are used as examples below. The full screen buttons are highlighted in red.

 Click the full screen button will show the list view in a separate tab to the full size of the Calem desktop. Click the full screen button again will close the magnified screen. 

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