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When to Use Work Order View in Home Screen

​Work order lists in Home screen can be customized to show work order queues based on business requirements - see this blog for more information about Home screen in Calem. Work order lists are based on work order table by default. You may choose to use work order views for work order lists if you need to show the following information. 

  • Current asset status
  • Asset Item type

Once you determine which work order lists should use work order view, contact your Calem support team to make the change for you. There is one extra step:

  • If your work order lists have default search configured based on work order table, Calem will apply the default search to the view. There is nothing extra you need to do.
  • However, if you need to modify the default search for the work order lists based on work order view, you have to re-create the search for work order view. 
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