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How to Report a List of Items Checked Out

This blog demonstrates the use of lookup search by a list of values in inventory reports. For instance, one wants to find out inventory checkouts for a list of items.

1. List Report

The first step is to launch "Inventory | Tran. Reports | Item Net Issues. This report shows all the net checkouts (i.e., checkouts minus returns). 

 Select a date range to report the checkouts. Click "Save" to view the report.

2. Search Filter

Click "Search" button to launch saved/advanced search. Choose an existing private or shared search if available. We will create a new search to demonstrate the search by a list of item codes. Click "+" to create a new search.

3. Create a Search

A search may include fields, operator and values to search.

  1. In the "Item" field row, select "IN..." operator to use a list of values to search. 
  2. You may drag the bottom-right corner of the field input to expand the input area. 
  3. Copy/paste a list of values into the field input area. Each item code takes a row. 
  4. You may a) Apply & Save the search if "SAVE SEARCH" is populated. In this example, the saved search is "MyList-01"). Click "Apply & Save" (for saved search) to save the search and apply it to the list report.
  5. Or, click "Apply" to launch the search without saving it with a name.

 4. Report List Filtered

The report is updated to show the checkouts by the list of items searched.

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